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Writer's Block: Mind reader

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Less. Than. Three.

Writer's Block: Goodness gracious

Have you even had a moment, an hour, or a day that renewed your faith in the fundamental goodness of humankind?

Not in all humans. But in guys, that's for sure. Wasn't actually that long ago, actually. But well... when someone's amazing, they're amazing.

*thumbs up*

Writer's Block: Top Three

What three qualities do you like most about yourself, and why? What qualities do you like least?

1. I don't take people's BS.
2. I'ma friendly kitteh! :3
3. Uuh... I... give nice hugs?

I dunno. I don't like myself that much.

Stuff I don't like about myself, excluding appearance, right?

I don't like that I'm generally short tempered about certain things. I don't like that I actually am the biggest wuss. And hypocrite. Aaand I don't like that I always act in a way which makes my friends say I'm "too nice". I always try to be nice, but apparently I'm doing it wrong. >_<

And... Yeah that's it? Maybe? Oh, I don't like that I can't stand loud noises, or heights.

Yeah, I'm done. XD

Writer's Block: TMI

If you had the opportunity to know everything about the person you love, would you take it? Or would you avoid the possibility of getting hurt?

Probably. But then again, it's actually quite difficult to stomach *everything* about a single person, in one shot. That is, unless this is implying that it's not all at once? :P

If you think about, no one person is perfect, so if it's someone you love, you should be able to respect or at least accept, anything and everything about them.

Oh, but if they cheated, then that's a huge killjoy, 'cause as a personal thing, that's a dealbreaker....

Otherwise, I wouldn't really have any kind of issue with it. Even if I get hurt. 'cause... well. I love them. :)

Writer's Block: Forgive and forget?

Has someone you loved and respected ever done something you consider despicable? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you try to forgive them? Did it permanently change your feelings for them?

Sadly, it has happened before.

I didn't know how to deal with it, so I dealt with it the way I would any other unsolvable problem: run from it.

I can't forgive them, nor do I want to lose them as a friend.

And... while it doesn't stop my caring about them, it did hugely damage the trust and respect I had from them.

Life's a bit of a tricky one. :)

Bakin'~ Bakin' the day away~

Brownies are awesome.

That is all.